Surveying the Scene

July 17th, 2014

A Rendezvous at Isle a la Cache

A few weeks ago we took a step back into the 18th century.  We didn’t need a flux capacitor, just a short drive to a local forest preserve and a place known as Isle a la Cache.  Isle a la Cache is a 95 acre island and part of The Des Plaines River preservation system.  It [Read More...]

Eric Reading

July 7th, 2014

You Should Definitely Read Into This Post

When I was a little tyke I remember wanting to read.  I wanted to read so bad I felt like it was killing me.  My workbooks were hard, my flashcards were hard, my phonics lessons were hard; but then again I was only 5 years old.  I saw people reading and wondered what would it [Read More...]


June 24th, 2014

Help Me… The Easy Question That We Make Difficult

“Daddy can you help me?” I can’t even tell you how many times I have heard that question from my little ones.  I have tied shoes, built with Lego bricks, and helped with household chores all because my kids have done nothing more than ask me for help.  Kids seem hardwired to ask for help [Read More...]


June 12th, 2014

#PowerofDad Learning about Responsibility

As a dad I get to do many wonderful things with my kids.  We play games, we travel, we read, and we learn together.  I love every minute of it. One of the most important lessons I can help them learn is about responsibility.  Every Saturday we do chores together.  Some days they get up and [Read More...]


June 11th, 2014

#DestinationDad at Sears a great place for a Mustache Treasure Hunt

The boys and I went on a mustachioed treasure hunt through Sears the other day.  We were off to check out the #DestinationDad phenomenon there and try are hand and the “Snap Your ‘Stache” contest.  The boys and I don’t like to do anything halfway especially when it comes to fake mustaches…  With our faux “cookie [Read More...]


May 22nd, 2014

Dad for a Decade -10 things I’ve learned along the way

For the past decade I have been a dad.   Being a father has always been exciting for me, something I looked forward to.  It isn’t always easy.  It isn’t always fun.  It is definitely one of the most rewarding things I have done.  It is hard sometimes recalling what my life was like before [Read More...]

Photo Credit: Oracle OpenWorld

April 16th, 2014

Be Honest Even When You F___ Up!

It is no small secret that I am a huge Billy Joel fan.  I have been listening to his music since I was a little kid so much so that sometimes it feels like he has written the soundtrack to my life. Last year I wrote about an incident in which he brought a fan [Read More...]