7 Tips On Success I Want My Kids To Learn From Me

Dadvice: 7 Tips on Success20 years ago I was getting ready to spend 2 years living in Hong Kong.  A truly amazing experience, and one that very much shaped me into the man I am today. There are many things about me that have changed over those 20 years,  mostly for the better, some the jury may still be out on…  Someday I may have to actually sit down and share my thoughts on those years and their impact on me.  I am reflecting on that time a little because I found a piece of paper on which I took some notes from a meeting or class I attended. The subject of which must have been on “How to be Successful.”  As I read over the notes now it is interesting to see which have been effective and which ones I might give as advice to my kids.  Of the over 20 suggestions, here are the seven I hope my kids learn from me:

  1. Do something you enjoy – Life is too short not to feel inspired and engaged by your pursuits. Take your talents and your time and apply them to something worthy as well as something you care about.
  2. Be a positive influence in the world – There will always be plenty of people willing to be negative. Be someone that builds a better place for others.
  3. Be grateful for what you have – There is a long list of people who have worked hard to make your life good.  When you are grateful, you honor what they have done.
  4. Learn to work hard at your goals – Be persistent, be committed and always be improving.
  5. Make mistakes bravely – Don’t be afraid to make a decision because you are afraid of making a mistake.  Make grand mistakes. They will make you a better person.
  6. Be responsible – Don’t let excuses define you. Claim your failures as eagerly as your successes.
  7. Show the people you care about that you love them – In the end, money and possessions won’t be how you count your riches.  Your happiness will come from the strong bonds you create with those you love.


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