On a Toddler Lexicon

Every once in a while I will stumble across a clip of “Kids say the Darndest Things”

I get a kick out of them every time I see one. Being a dad sometimes I feel like I am on the show. I just wish I had a video camera mounted on my person that could sense the opportune moments a record them so I could archive all the funny things my kids say.

My oldeest has been cracking me up lately. He is trying so hard to carry on a conversation like the adults around him, and for the most part he can hold his own. He is really doing well at mimicking. He will mimic our laughing around the kitchen table and he mimics our terms of endearment which come out at the funniest times. The most interesting thing for me to watch is the way in which he frames what we say in his own context. I was putting child proof latches on the cupboards around the house the other day and I must have said “Oh Dammit” as I dropped a screw. I didn’t realize that he was around because I really try to watch my language around him (I have a lot of work to go on that front). For him there is no frame of reference for dammit he doesn’t specifically know what it means and we don’t say it frequently enough for him to put it into context. So 15 minutes or so later he came over to ‘help’ me on another cupboard and as I dropped another screw he looked up at me and said “Oh Donut Daddy”.

My youngest is making dramatic changes in his vocabulary, you can actually talk to him. find out what he wants and connect with him. To me it seems his vocabulary has developed differently than his brother’s. he is a repeater, he hears us and tries to repeat what he hears, and his vocabulary though coming on slower is much more clear than his older brother’s was at this stage. It is so fun to watch him cause he is so passionate about what he does. Weather he is getting his way or throwing a tantrum. This kid puts 100% of himself into what ever he does.

It is fascinating to watch your children grow every day I am amazed at the changes they make. My wife does a fantastic job of stimulating their interests and teaching them new things, and they are so ready to soak up the adventures of the day and be shaped by them.


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