#AmazonFamilyUS – What we are asking for…

Nothing left to chance - Business StrategyDadBloggers like Amazon.  We like buying stuff.  We like the convenience that Amazon.com offers.  What we don’t like is being an afterthought.
This is why we are trying to give Amazon a chance to change their outdated and narrow focused marketing to something that can be embraced by all caregivers.
Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Gay families, Straight families… all sorts that have money to spend on the things that Amazon offers.  That is the crux of what we are asking Amazon to do by simply changing the name of their Amazon Mom program to Amazon Family… just like it is everywhere else in the world.

The Program in their own words is intended for all sorts of caregivers/parents and yet it is called “Amazon Mom”:  AmazonMom

Dads are not moms, but we are parents and caregivers, and we don’t want to be thought of as something less than a female parent…  Amazon is generally a forward-looking company and this change is a great opportunity for them to put action behind their words and be genuine and authentic in their approach to marketing to parents and families.

We are pushing this now because Oren Miller, was a champion for this change, and with his recent passing we want to honor him by championing this cause for him in his honor. We believe in this cause too and we are speaking louder in our voice to make up for the silence of his.

It is what Amazon has done elsewhere in the world….  It is time the honor all parents/caregivers and make the change.  If you would like to add your voice to ours the image below links to the online petition:




#AmazonFamilyUS #Dads4Oren


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