Awesome Movie – Dick Tracy


Dick Tracy sculpture on the Naperville Riverwalk – Naperville, IL

This one has been in the queue for a little while now. A few months ago shortly after we moved out here to Chicago we were meeting some friends out in the suburbs. As we were walling around a very cool river walk area we came across the Dick Tracy sculpture you see pictured to the left. I took that picture and made a note to myself to add this movie to “The List”. Before I go to far check out this clip:

This movie is just plain fun. It doesn’t develop the characters much beyond what they are, which is characters from a serial comic strip. Which in my opinion is just fine. Dick Tracy is a super sleuth chasing down caricatures of old Chicago mobsters. The best thing is that going in, you know that Dick Tracy will get his man.

As you may have noticed by now my movie list is filled with movies that amazingly have really good casts… This one is no different. I’m just going to start listing them (this is not a short list…) Warren Beatty, Glenne Heady, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Charlie Korsmo, William Forsythe, Mandy Patinkin, Paul Sorvino, Kathy Bates, Dick Van Dyke, Colm Meany, Catherine O’Hara, James Caan, and yes Madonna.  There are a bunch of other actors in it that you’ll recognize as well.  I have no Idea how the shooting went, but it looks to me like a bunch of stars got together to make a fun movie based on a favorite comic strip.  That is really the take away from this movie… fun.  The use of color, the bigger than life characters, and a good guy that always gets his man.

So throw in a packet or two of Microwave popcorn, grab a seat on the couch with the family ’cause Dick Tracy is on his way!

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