Awesome Movie (Double Feature) – “Dogtown and Z-Boys” & “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography”

longboardI’m adding two movies to the list with today’s post.  That’s right it is a double feature!  It is no secret that I love skateboarding.  I’m not, nor have I ever been very good at it, but I  do love it.  When I got my first skateboard it was my first taste of freedom and independence.  I could move around my neighborhood more quickly and I began to see a whole different way to explore the streets and parks around my home.

This weeks picks are not “B” movies, they have won awards in quite a few film festivals, and they are fun to watch, especially if you like skateboarding.  You should probably watch them in the order I have them listed, but if you don’t it isn’t a big deal… I watched them out of order.

Here are the trailers:

These two movies taken together are a great history of modern skateboarding.  “Dogtown and Z-Boys” is about the Zephyr Competition Team that was formed in Santa Monica, California by Jeff Ho and Steve Engblom.  The team began as a surf team and then expanded to become a skateboard team as well with a heavy surf influence.  Among its alums are Allen Sarlo, Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Chris Cahill and Stacy Peralta.  “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” Is all about Powell-Peralta skateboards and the team they formed, the Bones Brigade.  If you grew up in the ’80s it is a good bet that you had heard about Powell-Peralta skateboards, hell you might even have owned one.  It was the guys in the Bones Brigade,  Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill and Tommy Guerrero, that changed skateboarding into the sport it is today.  These movies have great candid interviews with the people on the teams and shops that give an interesting and honest glimpse into the history of skateboarding.

As for watching these with your kids.  Dogtown and Z-Boys has some content that you may not be comfortable exposing young kids to, and both have strong language throughout.  These may be videos to watch with your teenage kids, particularly Bones Brigade.  Just be warned if your anything like me you may find yourself convinced you want to start skateboarding again!


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