Awesome Movie – Flash Gordon

Last week was hectic… I am glad you hung in there with me though.  It seems from the early data that you like the Movie list so I am going to keep hitting you with them.

This week we have… Flash Gordon… Honestly this one could easily be #2 so if you want to contest the ruling… by all means do it!

So obviously I love a movie with a great soundtrack. I also really love Queen (for those following along at home you can predict a review of the Highlander at some time… but that is for older kids…) Flash Gordon is just a lot of fun, the story of a football hero who accidentally ends up on a rocketship and ends up fighting the evil emperor Ming the Merciless to save his home, Earth… and the rest of the universe while he is at it.  As a side note it was the old Flash Gordon serials that inspired George Lucas to write Star Wars.  Part of what makes this move so much fun is that it has some major star power… in supporting roles… Timothy Dalton, Max Von Sydow, Brian Blessed, and Topol (and did I mentioned their theatrical work is accompanied by Queen?). You will be singing the theme song to yourself for weeks to come… You may even buy it on iTunes!  I would recommend that you wait until your kids are 8yo or older to share this movie with them as there are a couple spots that are a little tense… or sensual… but you should be OK to explain it to them at that point.

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