Awesome Movie – Masters of the Universe

After a week’s hiatus I am back with one of my favorite B-Movies.  This is not a great movie but it is fun.  As a kid who grew up in the ‘8os this was as exciting as it could get. Watching it probably killed my parents… because with no real connection to the cartoon or toys it is fair to say this film didn’t have a lot going for it for parents of that generation.   Before I get into all that, here is the trailer:

Now there are a lot of flaws with this movie, let’s get that out there right from the start.  I would love to see how the went from the story-line created for the cartoon/toys to what came out in the theaters.  For instance I would have liked Prince Adam to become He-Man and add the story arc that goes along with him having to keep that a secret.  I think they could have left Earth all the way out of it though they probably had it based on earth to reduce production costs.  Lastly, I think they could have stuck with characters from the show/toy universe rather than make up new ones just for the movie.  Be that as it may I still have fun watching this.

This is probably OK for 8 years old and up.  Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and the rest of the baddies might be a little scary and there are some intense chase scenes.  It was the ’80s and if you are going to cast someone to be  He-Man in that decade Dolph Lundgren makes a lot of sense, he also lends credibility to it being an action adventure movie.  Frank Langella has done some great creepy/evil roles and as Skeletor he steals every scene he is in.  There are other notable performances by Chelsea Field as Teela, John Cypher as Man-at-Arms, Meg Foster as Evil-Lyn, Billy Barty as Gwildor, James Tolkan as Det. Lubic, and Courtney Cox as Julie.  It has a lot of action, something action oriented happens every 10 or so minutes in the movie.  It doesn’t all look real, but then neither did everything in Star Wars…  but in the end good triumphs over evil and we can all sleep easier knowing He-man is out there.   Unless you watch it all the way through the credits…

If you liked Flash Gordon and Condorman this should be right up your alley.  This is not a date-night with your wife movie (unless she is as geeky as you are), but great for a night with the kids or a rainy afternoon.


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