Awesome Movie – The Karate Kid


I’ll be honest this movie jumped ahead of a bunch that I have in queue because It popped up in my Netflix recommended movies list.  Don’t bother looking for it though cause it disappeared about as fast as it appeared.  I actually went to my library and checked it out to show my boys, Who absolutely loved it!  Before I get to far along here is the 1984 trailer:


I love this movie, I actually love the series.  I think Karate Kid II is the best (kinda like the Godfather series), but you need to see Karate Kid I first to really appreciate it.  I watched this with a 7 yo and 9 yo and I think it was just fine for them.  Obviously there is some violence in this movie (Karate obviously) but the lessons taught by Mr Miyagi (Pat Morita) definitely put the violence into perspective.  There is also a brief drug reference (rolling a joint) during the Halloween dance, it is so brief that my kids completely missed it.

My kids got into and understood Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) especially since they just experienced a big cross-country move.  You may find yourself pausing the movie a bit to help young kids understand Mr. Miyagi but in those pauses you can also help them understand the meaning behind what he is teaching Daniel.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed watching this one again, it took me back my elementary/junior high school days when like Daniel I had a crush on Elisabeth Shue.

If you have it or can get it this should be a great family night movie… Banzai!

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