Movember 2012 – Pre Mo Gro

Changing the Face of Men’s Health

October 1st means we are officially one month away from the month formerly known as November… for the past three years I have joined a movement called Movember which raises money to help fund awareness and research for Men’s health. During the month of “Movember” I start with a clean shaven face and grow a moustache and ask people to donate on behalf of it.

I do it because it is fun to do and just a little quirky. I do it because it is a creative outlet for me.  I do it because I think that Men’s health is important and sometimes overshadowed by some other big “ribboned” causes.  I do it because I want my kids to know that I am concerned about my health and that I am passionate about being part of their lives for a long, long time to come.

This year however it is a little more personal for me, I lost a really good friend to complications from diabetes.  While that is not specifically a men’s health issue and while my friend was actually really conscious about his health, there is always a little more we can do on behalf of research and awareness that might help someone we know and love be around just a little longer.  It might allow you one more guy’s night out together.  It might let you have one more trip to the lake.  You may get to have one more super bowl party, one more concert, or one more quiet beer together.  These are just some of things I wish I could do just once more with my friend Zack, and while that chapter of my life is closed I can use his memory to inspire me to do just a little more good in the world.

So here is the deal, I am growing a Moustache in November.  I’d like you, any of you that read this, to consider donating a few bucks in support of my effort.  I will try to keep it entertaining for you.  You can expect daily pictures of my Mo’ growth,  A video or two, some inspirational quotes… some funny quotes… and a healthy amount of reminders.

Here is an example:

For those who are new to Movember here are the rules:

  1. Each Mo’ Bro must begin the first of the Movember with a clean shaven face.
  2. For the entire month of Movember each Mo’ Bro must grow and groom a Moustache
  3. There is to be NO joining of your Mo’ to your Sideburns.  That is considered a beard.
  4. There is to be NO joining of the handlebars to your chin.  That is considered a goatee.
  5. Each Mo’ Bro must conduct himself like a true gentleman.

You have the pitch, you have the rules, and now you can donate if you like here:


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