On Disneyland Passes

One of the best parts of this past year has been our SoCal Select Disneyland Passports, cause sometimes a day at Disneyland is what you need… or at least a way to keep your kids entertained.

A couple of weeks ago I did just that.  I took a day off of work because my kids had no school and my wife was out of town.  Next thing you know we were in the happiest place on earth. we rode the rides, had a picture with Mickey Mouse, waited in the lines, rocked Toon Town, met a robot, Saved the Rebel Spy, learned to draw, and fell asleep on the way home…  ’cause that is how I roll! (I put some pictures below to spruce up this post!)

Before this I wasn’t a huge Disneyland guy.  I liked it well enough… but like all theme parks it seemed pricey (you can and will spend a lot of money there if you are not careful) for more than one trip every other year or so…

Then my SIL worked us over… mostly my wife ’cause let’s face it, if you get my wife, I am on board for (almost) anything.

So last year we got the passes which meant except for blackout days (which honestly you don’t want to go on those days) we could go when ever we want.  My wife and the boys have torn that place up… I think during February the boys were there every week at least once with either me my wife or the grandparents…

The great thing is going without having to feel like you need to pack it all in… you can always save something you didn’t get to for… next time.

Another huge thing for us is that they have quite a few Gluten Free options for our Celiac kid.  Honestly I think this is one of the big reasons my wife took the plunge.  We don’t eat there often (as a Gluten Free family we tend to pack a lot of meals) but it is nice to know that with our kid we can have dinner out and that it is safe.  If you have a Celiac loved one you know what I mean.

It wasn’t cheap to buy them initially but the passes were definitely worth it… I wouldn’t be surprised if we do it again this year…

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# 1 - by Maytina (@soverydomestic) on March 21st, 2012 at 9:25 am

I’m totally sold! I can’t wait. Your kids are way cute too!

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