On Full Contact Sleeping

I just checked on my boys. Every night our boys get some combination of my wife and I reading them stories and singing them songs. Sometimes Shell reads them stories and I sing them songs, sometimes we both read stories and sing them songs, sometimes she reads stories and sings songs, sometimes it’s just me…. I could go through all the combinations but that would be ridiculous.

Once the sing ritual is completed our boys are generally told (if they are not already asleep) that we will come back in five minutes. We rarely check back within the specified five minutes and they are usually asleep by the time we do actually check on them. Now my kids have a talent for sleeping with gusto. It is not uncommon to go into their room and find them sleeping in positions that would scare a contortionist. They are so wild in their sleep that I only make a token attempt to tuck them in.

I have no pictures of this phenomenon because once they fall asleep I am invested in keeping them that way. I would like to know how the can sleep like they do though. If I don’t sleep just right on my pillow my back and neck mutiny. Maybe the problem is that I try to control my sleeping. I confine my feet to the foot of the bed and my head to the pillow. Restraints that my children have yet to give themselves. Maybe I need to free the inner sleeper within my and allow my primal self to dictate the movements of my sleep. Then again I like sleeping with my wife.


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