On My #Movember 2012 “MO”tivation

Movember&Sons-ShieldThis post has been kicking around in draft form since sometime around March.  It has been difficult to write for me and maybe that is just simply because it wasn’t its time.  Well here we are on the cusp of my 4th Movember and it is time to get this out.

I lost a really good friend, Zack, this year.  He died on Super Bowl Sunday which was an interesting coincidence because throwing a Super bowl party with him is one of my fondest memories of him.  His death has had a profound effect on me for many reasons.  I miss getting together with him.  If I wanted I could regale you with stories of sporting events, concerts, road trips, etc… that made him such a great figure in my personal history.

They are great stories befitting the great guy he was, and yet his death has had even greater impact on me than just the loss of future adventures with him.  It gave me a huge wake up call and perspective shift on how I was living my life. I am now making a huge effort to make sure I am spending the most time I can with the people who matter the most.  Too that end my children got a front row seat to how I dealt (and am dealing) with this loss.  It has been good for us to have that experience and cathartic for me to see some good out of my loss.  As difficult as it has been for me I am glad to have had the chance to seize some opportunities to teach them how to cope with and work through loss.

Now how do I get from all of this to Movember? About a month ago I was attending a week long series of meetings for work.  As part of that we went through a series of introduction questions.  One of those was:

What would you like to be doing in 10 years?

and the one right after it was:

If you had 6 months to live and would do so in good health what would you do?

I had to come up with some answers, and to the first question I knew the answer right away.  I want to be doing some sort of philanthropic work.  I want to do something that does good in the world.  I want build wells, or schools in needy countries.  Or help people get out of self destructive lifestyles.  I want to end each day knowing the world is a little better than the way I found it.  (I know, I know insert a kumbaya here). That is the truth though, I am that guy.

So when I got to the next question which my answer was going to be like most of the ones that had gone before me… travel, bucket list, eat whatever food I want diet be damned…  however what came out of my mouth was I would start doing the stuff I want to be doing in 10 years now, and I would get my family involved so that the memories we would make in my last six months would give them a clear insight to who I am, and that those would be the strong memories they could hold onto.

So here I am at the start of my 4th Movember and my “Mo”tivation (forgive the pun) is my friend Zack.  Because in facing his death I have learned how to prepare for mine.  Today I can’t quit my job and be a philanthropist it is not realistic, but that doesn’t mean i can’t do good.  Movember  is one way that I do good sure it is a gimmicky way to raise awareness for Men’s Health, but I am a man, a husband and a dad, these are all very important roles I have.  If I can help raise awareness and just one person is helped because of me then I have made the world a better place.  This is a very visable way for me to do good, and a fun way for my kids to watch me.

This year two of my friends and I formed a team for Movember in Honor of Zack:


We will gladly accept your donations if you are so inclined, and if not please take a look around the Movember site and learn a little about how you can improve the state of Men’s health.  Fathers, Husbands, Brothers, Uncles, and Good Friends are all great resources to have around I hope you can join my in support of a cause that aims to keep those resources around just a little longer.

Happy Movember! from DiaryDad


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