Pre-teens Parsing Politics

My son makes his point after the State of the Union Address

My kids get their fill of politics through me.  I try to be very guarded with them about my specific political leanings, so that as we have big events like the State of the Union address, or debates, etc we can discuss what they heard without them feeling like they have to pander to me.

I think it is very important for them to be exposed to the process and the language of government and politics so they can be prepared to parse this information for themselves.  Typically I will ask them questions about what they heard and what they thought it meant.

This week, me oldest just wanted to have his say so I sat back and just listened.  A couple of times I re framed his statements to make sure I understood him, but other than that I just let him go.  It was a great insight to how his mind works, what is important to him.  What things matter in his world.

The little science wizard he is was excited when the president talked about global warming and renewable energy.  He was excited to hear about the ideas for making college education something everyone could have.  He thought it was great that every so often the president takes time to talk to us.

I said we are lucky that way, that we live in a place where that is possible.  He agreed.

Then we hugged and he went to bed.


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