The Round Up: 4-10-2015


I share a lot of stuff all week long,  You may have missed the good stuff so here is a quick recap of my shares from the last week:

The last 50 years of Lego, in true Lego form” by Mashable

How secular family values stack up” By Phil Zuckerman

Ernie Hudson – My Life of Dad” by Art Eddy

Science Pays Attention to Dads (At Last)”  by City Dads Group

Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage” by Soomo Publishing

A Dad Resolves to Raise His Son as a Feminist” by Dan Arel

Radiant Fatherhood: A Playful and Profound 1925 Meditation on Gender Stereotypes and the Rewards of Parenting” by Maria Popova

Spectacular High-Res Image of Earth: The Other Side” by Mark Brown

Supermovies: This Is What The Next Few Years Of Your Life Looks Like [Infographic]” by  Comics Alliance

Yale Climate Opinion Maps” by Yale

50 Iron Man suits of the last 50 years” by Mashable

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration” by Soomo Publishing

Not a Homeroom Mom” by Bryan Reardon

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