A Geocaching Dadventure

IMG_1831[1] Geocahing is fast becoming one of our family’s favorite adventures.  We have gone on a few geocache hunts and are gearing up for many more.  We did our first geocache hunt with a local campfire scouts group.  On that trip we found a cache of goodies in a clear plastic bottle hidden in a hollowed out tree trunk.  Since then we have gone on a few more hunts and we have actually found about 50% of the geocaches.

When I was a kid I would often times hide something in the backyard and then draw a map for my brother’s to go find it.  I loved treasure hunts at birthday parties.  I remember as a boy scout that earning my orienteering merit badge was one of the most fun things I did in scouting.  When I got my driver’s license my neighborhood church group took part in a “road rally” (a treasure hunt by car) that was so much fun my friends and I eventually planned and organized one of our own.  Geocaching has been a great discovery for me and it is a fun outlet for that part of me that likes to be a treasure hunter/detective.

This video documents a hunt the boys and I went on for a geocache hidden by our local public library.  The Library hid this one as part of their “Book an Adventure” summer reading program.  They put up a window display all about it and what geocaching is.  I showed it to the boys and we figured it was time for a Geocaching Dadventure:

For more information on geocaching you should really checkout Geocaching.com and see how many geocaches are near where you live (you’ll be surprised).  It is definitely a fun way to get out of the house and have an adventure.

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Enjoyed the adventure

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