#Dadventure: First NBA game

IMG_0674I benefit greatly from a spouse who goes a long way to make my “Dadventures” possible.  She encourages me to take time with our boys and often seeks out and suggests activities for me to do with them.

This Dadventure falls squarely into that category.  It begins with a Christmas gift she gave me.  In our family we have a tradition at Christmas everyone gets 4 gifts:

  1. “Something you want”
  2. “Something you need”
  3. “Something to wear”
  4. “Something to read”

Now my wife and I bend the rules a little with each other on this sometimes we find ways to make the wants needs and vise versa.  This year for my “need” gift she got tickets  for me and the boys to see the Utah Jazz (My favorite team) play the Chicago Bulls here in Chicago.  As I looked at the tickets and the accompanying ball cap she looked at me and said you “need” to do this with the boys.IMG_0670

Like with many other things in our domestic partnership she was right.  The need may not necessarily have been these tickets or this game, but to get out and share one more first experience with them of something that I love.  To make one more memory for them to tell their kids about as they make their memories.

So yesterday I rushed home from work and we threw on our Jazz Gear and headed out to watch my (now our) team. We had popcorn and laughs and cheered with the small contingent of Jazz fans that had made it to the game.  I taught them the names of the players and what their stats meant, and we discussed the intricacies of the game.  I couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces if I had wanted to.IMG_0676

We were fortunate to see them win which I hadn’t expected, and the whole ride home they jabbered about the game and the various other sports adventures we have had.  We walked in and they couldn’t wait to recount everything that happened on our night out.  We had made such a great memory.  And as I looked at them buzz around their mom with all their stories and excitement I completely agreed with her, I needed this!

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