Keeping my kids on “Trac” with #TracFoneSB and NQ Family Guardian

TracFoneLogoWhen I was a kid it was relatively easy to find a phone… Worst came to worst, my parents made sure I had a couple of quarters in my kangaROOs for an emergency phone call. I’ll be honest now… I couldn’t even tell you where the nearest pay phone is where I live. I’ll be even more honest, I don’t know how much it costs to make a call from a pay phone. So now that my kids are hitting an age where they need a little more independence I need some way to give them that while at the same time knowing they are safe and can get in touch with me if there is a change of plans or an emergency.

TF_L34C_SBOB_RTEnter the LG Optimus Fuel™Android™ from TracFone with exclusive access to SpongeBob Squarepants content and The NQ Family Guardian™ app. This is a phone bundle I can purchase and feel good that I am giving my kids access to technology that enables their independence while at the same time giving me peace of mind knowing I am just a phone call away. For a limited time (just in time for the holidays) this bundle is just $29.99 at retailers like Target, Walmart, and Kroger get the scoop here:

IMG_0471Here’s what I dig, with The NQ Family Guardian™ app on their phone I can manage my kids activities, location, and phone usage. Which means I know what they look at on the web, what apps they download, what pictures they have, who their contacts are and what text messages they send and receive. I just login to my online dashboard and my kid’s phone activity can be monitored all I need is a web browser. When they are out and about they can check in with the app and if there is an emergency the app’s panic button opens a list of emergency contacts.

IMG_0469My kids dig the fact that my wife and I have given them a little more responsibility with the phone and the freedom that goes with it. The SpongeBob SquarePants content and headphones are hits as well. They get games, apps, and full length episodes to enjoy and make the phone their own.

This holiday season if a mobile phone for your preteen/tween is on your radar then this TracFone bundle is right up your alley. Make sure to check out all the details at

Disclosure: I have partnered and was compensated by Life of Dad, LLC and TracFone for this promotion.


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