Money, Money, Money (Federal Reserve Museum Dadventure)

Dadventure at The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Dadventure at The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

No one will ever say of me that I don’t love the city of Chicago!

I love the many rich, rewarding experiences it holds for my family, from great food, great art, fun shows, and exciting sports, Chicago is one of my favorite places to be!

A little while back the boys spent a day with me at work.  On days like that I always try to have something scheduled for our lunch break to give them a cool experience in this city I love.  On this occasion I took them to the museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago… Yes they have a museum.

Once a day they do an educational presentation on the Federal Reserve (The Fed), and we timed our visit so we could start off with that.  We learned a ton of interesting facts, like:

  • The Chicago Federal Reserve bank always has about $15 billion stored in the vaults
  • They destroy around $30 million in used and worn bills every day
  • Each day they find approximately 35 counterfeit bills in all the money they handle.

We learned how the Fed sets monetary policy for the U.S.A. and how they work with banks to keep our savings safe.

After the presentation we went through the very “hands-on” exhibits.  They boys got a chance to try and set monetary policy in an interactive game.  There were some fun exhibits showing U.S. currency through history, as well as three exhibits showing you want $1 million dollars looks like:

$1 million in $100 bills

$1 million in $100 bills

$1 million in $20 bills

$1 million in $20 bills

$1 million in $1 bills

Not a bad way to spend a lunch in the city with my two boys.

Here are a couple notes you might want to make if you are planning a visit:

  1. The presentation is only done once a day at 1pm
  2. They have tight security, so bring ID and plan in a little extra time.
  3. Check out their website ( for learning activities before and after your visit and their iPad app


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