February 17th, 2016

Quickie: Wool Inventions

On the third attempt to wake my youngest son today he and I had THIS amazing exchange: Me: Seriously, dude, this is like the third time we’ve tried to get you up… My Son: I know just a second… Me: Come on dude… My Son (still curled up in bed with eyes closed): I was just thinking, [Read More…]

February 5th, 2016

Episode 8: You Say Tooth Fairy, But We Smell a Rat…

What do rats, flying pigs, and Duane “The Rock” Johnson have in common? In this episode Pat and I dig into the business of discarded children’s teeth… yup we are looking at the myth of the tooth fairy and why this sprite has become a fixture in our culture.

May 2nd, 2015

The Round Up: 5-1-2015

I share a lot of stuff all week long,  You may have missed the good stuff so here is a quick recap of my shares from the last week: 

April 10th, 2015

Without Fear

To say I am excited about the new Netflix Series Daredevil would be a massive understatement.  Daredevil is easily my favorite Marvel comic book series (Thor is a close second). I love the concept of “the man without fear.”  Over the long haul the comic goes into some dark places and that may have been [Read More…]

March 31st, 2015

“Don’t take any SH__ from anbody!” – Fatherhood Lessons from Billy Joel

My very first album ever was Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” which I got for my birthday when I turned 12 years old, from the moment I listened to it I was destined to be a lifelong fan. He indirectly encouraged me to continue learning piano. He has traveled with me on road-trips via my car [Read More…]

Star Wars Reads Day III Activity Kits

October 10th, 2014


Star Wars Reads Day III lands tomorrow all over the place and if the last 2 years are any indication it is going to be epic.  There are tons of events scheduled and lots of Star Wars themed fun to be had.  Check with your local library or bookstore to see if they are hosting and [Read More…]

April 16th, 2014

Be Honest Even When You F___ Up!

It is no small secret that I am a huge Billy Joel fan.  I have been listening to his music since I was a little kid so much so that sometimes it feels like he has written the soundtrack to my life. Last year I wrote about an incident in which he brought a fan [Read More…]